quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2011

Endless sky

Every time when eye

For what I've always dreamed

I try to control my tears

But I can not control so much beauty

This galaxy is around the corn

I live it, be like a tiny

So I look at all

So I feel I must be important

Since nothing impossible can happen to me

So I use my dreams, my imagination for the greater good

Evil has no place for me

I want to fly anyway

I want to have eternal wings

Then I use my imagination and dreams and wishes for everything

And so I will not let Ilheos

Then use the music as it gives me strength

Your touch, hug your smile assures me my immortality

For I know this will not be afraid Endless Sky

Of course in my life I create an invisible shield

Surrounded by positive images

Wonderful results

So try to follow my destiny

I live in this endless sky with everything

Then I open my wings and take off my feet off the ground

I call my magic with my dreams, desires and emotions

Fly to the sky and see the stars I want to always see them forever

So never stop seeing it

Why when I was in the rocket into space I remembered you and
never leave behind.

In this endless sky.

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